ControlDraw Distillation SBC
This web was generated automatically from a sample ControlDraw model.
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001 - Start
002 - Distillation Tower
003 - em BottomProduct
004 - em Feed
005 - em Reboil
006 - em Reflux
007 - em Sidedraw Product
008 - em Top Product
009 - Distillation State Sequence
010 - On Off Valve
011 - Fixed Speed Motor
013 - PID wtih Tx Loop
014 - UMON
015 - Standard PID Loop
016 - Control Valve
017 - Analog Input from Transmitter

12 - Dual Pump (Control Module)

Consider a simple Equipment Module consisting of two motor controls for two pumps
(A & B) and two discrete isolation valves for each pump (A_IN, A_OUT, B_IN,
B_OUT) for a total of six Control Modules.
This Equipment Module might have seven defined Modes of Operation:
1. A Running B Standby
2. A Running B Out of Service
3. B Running A Standby
4. B Running A Out of Service
5. A & B Out of Service
6. A & B Standby
7. A & B Running

Fixed Speed Motor Fixed Speed Motor On Off Valve On Off Valve On Off Valve On Off Valve

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